What you need: 3 wobbles tables, 2 bell wall lamps, the money to buy a 3•2 room and the item you wish to duplicate
• create a 2 by 3 room • place your two bell wall lamps one on the inside and one on the outside of the room (if you are doing this hack at night make sure the lamp on the outside of the room is turned OFF otherwise it might not work) • place 3 tables outside of room • place item you wish to duplicate on the farthest table • bring in the room by one and click X • the lamp is now red • drag one table under the lamp and another table next to it • place the item right under the lamp • exit build mode • the lamp is no longer red •go back to build mode •click the table with the item. Then click outside of the room. Then click the other table outside of the room and finally click the store. • the table and item are now red • carefully move the item diagonal on the table •compress the room and hit X • go to inventory to see your 65000 items • sell your items for infinite money •like the video

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